Hello all,

Names Heather, hitting 30 soon and dreading it. Almost at year three as a single mom; feeling as if my postpartum depression is still lurking around. After 3 years, and two boyfriends, I now know that my depressive state has been very damaging to both family and personal relationships. I started taking Prozac yesterday hoping things will start looking up. I’m on day two outta the 6-8weeks it takes to start showing improvement; the sudden optimism of having help is overwhelming. Yesterday just hours after popping my first pill I started feeling relief. Now I know deep down that there’s no way in hell that pills started that fast, but I felt great. No over thinking, no analyzing everything my BF said. No feeling of worthlessness, it was great as I felt a smile come across my face. Smiling gave me an idea! If I feel like this, others should two! So I thought I’d share my story, as I battle this war. This “war” I speak of is the constant hampered wheel turning in my brain, horrible thoughts, like “I’m not loved” or “why me” , the repetitive explosion of emotions raing down of loved ones around me. #MyPoorDad. This morning I woke up before my alarm, in a great mood, not ready bitch at the BF for some dumb reason. I had no anger! No sadness! Last night was great too, I normally lay in bed for hours agonizing about my day or tomorrow. Thinking about all the bad moments just to become to emotional to sleep.. but NO WAY JOSE! I felt my self drifting about 15 in, I swear I remember thinking. Did I just doze off already, my eyes felt very heavy, and BAM! I was out!  I’m sure I’ll have tons of ups and down through my recovery period, but With this blog I hope to inspire someone suffering to get the help they need like I did. Who knows my view my change by the end, but here goes!


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